the early web (omg!)

hey! do you guys remember the early web? where you could see all kinds of shit? where people were like, actually cursing on their “blogs”?

i’m talking like, 1995, 96, 97? Do you remember the first time you read somebody’s “web log”???? Like, someone who was writing a private journal, but on a public URL? And you felt all weird because you were getting this weird *private* look into someone’s life, but at the same time they were just like, *putting it out there*, for anyone (well, anyone with an internet connection) to see?

Only, all the sites were all funky-style, with creative backgrounds and expressive fonts and spinning gifs of envelopes and planets and just, crazy, crazy shit, man.

and you felt like some of the people on there were just, like, talking to you, like you would talk to a friend, and they weren’t really, like, holding anything back?

and that maybe made you feel a little better about what you were doing on there. like there were people out there that you could actually relate to.

and maybe THAT made you feel just a little more at home. maybe.

and did you ever think ever? ever that it would turn into this?