one to many

what to say? when you can speak to millions of people in one moment? this new art form that lacks any sense of time or process. it’s just immediate. thoughts move from mind to fingers tapping at the keyboard and out into space. how does it look? how does it sound? like a keyboard. like a mouse click.

some use it to say something. but most (most?) use it to sell something. and if you had something to say, other than, “for sale”, what would that be?

would you say anything worthwhile? worth remembering? if you were a monk and a keeper of knowledge, would you pass it on? i imagine you would. i imagine you would spend years of your life transcribing book after book, keeping the knowledge alive, and adding to it.

and now? information overload. next up: mona lisa overdrive. next?

it goes like this: “those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know.” if there’s any truth to that, then surely everyone here must know nothing, for here we are all speaking.

[*hits “publish”*]