the evidence

The above photo is of a megalithic construction in Peru. It illustrates a form of construction that was common throughout the ancient world. Large blocks cut/formed precisely to fit together without the use of mortar.

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, which is a small remainder of the “Original Temple”, exhibits a similar characteristic.

The method for building these types of walls has been lost. That much is certain. And what it implies is that there is a discontinuity in our recorded history.

My generation learned about “The Dark Ages” in elementary school. Part of my thesis is that we are now living in a “New Dark Ages,” whose darkness, or better, occlusion, has entirely to do with the disconnect between the ancient cultures that existed on earth within the past few millenia, and our current age of jets, skyscrapers, and computers. The official story is rarely the true version of events, and is much more often a fabrication that obscures the truth while serving the aims of some geopolitical power. One of my favorites right now is how the pyramids in Egypt are supposed to be the tombs of the ruling class.

Once you reach a certain age, you’re either complicit in the monstrosities and fabrications, dead as a result of them, or you are, like myself, extremely compromised yet somehow miraculously still alive. You can accuse me of “black-and-white” thinking on this one, and you have, but all I can say to that is, “look around.”

See you next (life)time?